4 Most Common Headaches to Our Carpet

Candid portrait of woman and a dog

No matter how much we try to prevent carpet stains, they will happen when we least expect it. This can happen during a party or a little accident from our beloved fur balls. When you’re surrounded by the following carpet offenders, you can call yourself blessed for going a few hours without a stained carpet. In fact, according to Sears Carpet Cleaning, the most common stain issues are the following:

Our Fur Ball Babies are One of Them

Our beloved pets give us the best kind of love anything can offer, but they can also drive us mad! Pets root about 22% of carpet cleaning services. To damage to the injury, when they’re not addressed properly, pet stains can be one of the toughest ones to remove. Thanks to the notorious uric acid and sodium, pet urine can be very hard to decompose.

Your Parties Will Always be Messy

Parties are a joy at the time of the event. Still, with many people getting drunk and having fun, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s activities. With people carelessly bumping onto one another, you can be sure that some drinks will spill on the carpet floor. So it’s not a coincidence when homeowners call for a carpet cleaning service after the holidays. In fact, parties are such a common culprit that they sum up to 23% of cleaning services.

Our Beloved Children

They fall under the same category as pets when it comes to unconditional love. We love them, but they can give us the biggest headaches. When children are in the home, this can be an uphill battle! Whether it’s dropping their bowl of cereal or they spilled paint, they’re sure to cause stains.

Dirt and Mud

It’s hard to shoo away the dirt and mud even when we don’t use shoes on the carpet. Either way, they’ll find their way in. This can happen within a few months or years which is why it’s important to hire cleaning service to get rid of the issues.