How to Avoid Thanksgiving Party Stains

image of family gathering around the table for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about dinners, parties, and fun gatherings with the family. But along with these enjoyable activities come unavoidable mess for the host.

Keep Your Carpet Clean This Thanksgiving

Cooking for a crowd is one thing, cleaning their mess is another. That’s what makes hosting Thanksgiving a little bit daunting and stressful for the others. But it’s the holidays, and it’s supposed to be just pure fun, right? With some tips and preparation, you can surely avoid the mishaps and mess that a party may bring to your home. Here are some ways you can prevent party stains on Thanksgiving.

1. Lay Down Doormats

When placed inside and outside of each door, you can minimize the dirt tracked in from your guests. This will help keep your carpet less dirty throughout the party.

. Protect Your Furniture

Avoid rings on woods and other furniture finishes by putting pads on tables or using trivets on hot or wet dishes.

3. Try a Stain Repellent

Spray chair cushions and upholstered furniture to help spills bead up, so they’re easier to blot away.

4. Use Paper Plates

Sure, napkins may sound cheaper and more economical for appetizers. But using paper plates instead will be more helpful to avoid or minimize spills.

5. Mind Candles

Don’t allow your candles to drip. After all, they should just bring a more laid-back atmosphere to your home and not a mess that you should clean up afterward.

6. Don’t Forget Coasters

Spread coasters around the table so guests will actually use them instead of keeping them in a neat sack. Coasters will eliminate unnecessary mess you shouldn’t be taking care of.

The Bottom Line

Even though Thanksgiving can be a lot of fun and a lot of mess, it will surely be worth it by the end of the day. Seeing your guests smile and have a good time is enough motivation to keep the party going. And cleaning will be easier afterward when you’ve prepared for it ahead of time.