Common Stain Culprit For Carpets

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If you watch tv shows like House Hunters, you’ll see that many homebuyers are switching to hardwood floors. In some ways, maintaining the cleanliness of carpet can drive some people crazy because stains are difficult to remove. If your home has carpets, we’re not surprised to see if you have an array of cleaning solutions below your pantry. But there is a way you can avoid them altogether. By knowing carpet culprits, you can cut stains by half.

Red Wine and Fruit Juice

Whether you’re working with carpet or clothing, the color red brings bad news. Upon accidents, make sure to eliminate the problem as soon as possible to prevent elements from locking into the fibers. Of course, we suggest not to panic because there’s a solution when you act fast.

Make sure to blot the area as much as possible, and don’t rub the drink around surrounding areas. You want to make you the issue stays in one place instead of spreading them. Pour table salt over the problem and let this solution to dry. The stain should be gone overnight, and you can vacuum the remaining salt.

If you didn’t catch the problem, simply wet the area with club soda and blot! Follow the instructions above to eliminate the issue. If it doesn’t go away, repeat the process.

Vomit or Blood

Amongst the type of stains you can get on your carpet, this is by far the worst. Of course, the key to eliminating the problem is taking heed immediately. Your go-to ingredient here is hydrogen peroxide as it absorbs the elements. Of course, remove as much as you can by blotting the affected area and avoid rubbing. One thing to keep in mind is that hydrogen peroxide tends to darken carpets so make sure to test this out in an out-of-sight area first.

Pet Odors

We love our pets, but sometimes they can bring us a bundle of headaches. Many times, we don’t catch the issue until it’s too late and we’re left with a lingering odor in the room. To get rid of the odor, use baking soda. Pour this over the entire carpet and leave overnight. You can do this every month but make sure not to overdo it with the solution as it can damage them. You want to sprinkle it and not pour.