Freshening Up Your Carpets the Natural Way

image of carpet texture

When you want to freshen up your carpets, opt for all-natural solutions. Using harsh chemicals may sound like a great solution, but the truth is you could worsen its quality. There are plenty of reasons why people would choose to freshen there home. For example, homeowners with pets can testify that their favorite furball have soiled on the carpet. Such accidents are part of being a pet owner. Another example is children making a mess of things. Let’s face it, our little ones are not born perfect. They will drop the nastiest things in the carpet such as food and dirt.

So when you want your home smelling clean again, you may want to continue reading the following simple tips.

Freshening Up Your Carpet

The first thing you should do is to make a deodorizer that’s all-natural. Try using nine cups of baking soda and thirty drops of fragrant oils. Play with your favorite scents like lavendar, eucalyptus, or mint. You can mix and match these ingredients to sum up to thirty drops. When you’re done, stir it all together. Wasn’t that super easy?

When you’ve made the deodorize, you can dash this all-natural solution onto your carpet. The magic will only work when you leave the solution to seep through the carpet, and this will be an overnight work. After that, you can vacuum the entire solution. You’ll start to smell the difference as your home will smell lighter and cleaner.

If that doesn’t work, opt for carpet cleaning! You can never go wrong with such a decision because it will sure to clean your home thoroughly.