Your Guide to Steam Cleaning

image of a man steam cleaning a carpet

Steam cleaning is a great way to remove the bacteria and soil in your carpets and on your furniture and counter surfaces. And the best part is you are using simple, natural water to bust the grime off—no harsh chemicals or detergents necessary. Here are some helpful tips if you are considering steam cleaning your home.

Picking the Right Tool for the Job

One important tip whether you are renting or buying a steam cleaner is to make sure that you choose the right unit for the job. The type of fabric and density of your carpet, for instance, is a very important point for consideration. As is the material of whatever furniture you’d like to use it on (you won’t want to clean a leather couch the same way you would one that has absorbent cloth-like fabric). You will want to consult the manufacturer or the place you are renting the unit from to make sure you get something that will be appropriate for your specific needs.

Proper Drying is Critical

The most important factor of doing the job properly is making you sure you carpets and furniture receive a thorough dry. Often times portable steamers you can rent will be great at the steaming part, but not so great at the drying part of the job. So you want to make sure you open your doors and windows (if it is dry and warm outside) and turn on all of your fans to help the drying process. If you fail to dry things out, you may be risking possible mold contamination, and that may be worse than the dirt and bacteria you were after in the first place!

Final Thoughts

It is recommended you steam clean your home approximately once a year to reduce the amount of contaminants and toxins trapped in your carpet and furniture. Whenever we walk over or come into contact with these pollutants, they get released into the air and are breathed in. This can seriously reduce the air quality of your home and create a number of health issues. But with just a little planning and know-how, you can reap all the benefits of steam cleaning whenever you want!