How to Layer a Rug Over a Carpet

image of pet on a rug

This decorating trend has split reactions from people. Some love it while others don’t buy into it.

Layering an Area Rug Like a Pro

Decor is a personal thing. So people can’t tell you if it’s a good or bad idea. After all, it is your taste. Layering a rug over a carpet can only get creative. Whether you intend to put personality and color, or simply cover an unsightly carpet damage, a rug can definitely change the feel of your room. Here are some tips on how to layer a rug over a carpet.

Contrast Colors and Textures

Choosing the color and texture of your rug can make or break it. Make sure that the rug and the carpet compliment each other. Otherwise, it will only look worse.

Complement Sizes

Play with the sizes of your rugs. Use smaller rugs if you want to partition a space. Otherwise, use a bigger rug if you want to cover as much as your wall-to-wall carpet.

Use a Rug Pad

There are rug pads specifically made for use over carpets. These work well to hold an area rug over broadloom. They help keep a rug from shifting and rippling all over the carpet, as well as prevent damage to the carpet under the rug.

Anchor With Furniture

Heavy furniture can also help hold a rug in place. As much as possible, the four sides of the rug must be held by a furniture. But if it is heavy enough, two opposite sides will be enough.

The Bottomline

Rugs can be very versatile and they are not only limited to hardwood floorings. They can bring out the best in your room and complement your carpet in a luxurious way. With all the choices available, you will never run out of ideas to personalize your room’s looks.