Shortcuts to a Clean House for Thanksgiving

image of a living room

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? No need to throw a full blast general cleaning, as it can be as easy as one, two, three.

Quick Fix For a Thanksgiving-Ready Home

If you haven’t cleaned your home for a while now and you’re having guests over for Thanksgiving, you might think that you’re doomed. But worry not, because there are quick ways to make your home more accommodating and make the mess less obvious! Here are some shortcuts to a clean house for Thanksgiving.

1. Clean the Bathroom

If there is only enough time to clean one room in your home, pick the bathroom. Guests can handle minimal dust on the coffee table, but not a smelly and unpleasant bathroom. Make sure to wipe down the toilet, sink, and mirror and restock the toilet paper– everything that has to be done to make it comfortable for guests.

2. Vacuum

A clean-looking carpet will give your guests a good impression of your home. Quickly run the vacuum in the areas where your guests will be– living room, dining room, etc.

3. Clear the Kitchen

Don’t let your kitchen show how busy you were doing the turkey and stuffing. Wipe the countertops, sweep the floor, empty the sink and start the dishwasher. Nothing beats a clean kitchen ready for partying.

4. Focus on the Living Room

Remove clutter and dust the major surfaces. Fluff the living room pillows and turn on lamps to make the lighting more appealing. Your guests will surely feel welcome and cozy.

Thanksgiving gatherings don’t always have to be stressful and messy. Even in the simplest ways, you can accommodate your guests and have a fun and comfortable dinner that everyone will surely enjoy!

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