Steam Cleaning 101

image of a cat on a carpet

When you want to keep your carpet looking clean, you need steam cleaning. Carpet cleaners like us know this best as we’ve worked with many people in town who were in dire need for it. When you want to keep your carpet looking remarkably clean, we highly recommend to get this down every six months. There are different ways to do this, one is DIY. The other is professional help. But there are some things you should know if you decide to do it on your own. After all, you don’t want to damage your carpet, do you?

Steps to Steam Clean Your Carpet

Select the Right Steamer

Contact a carpet cleaning company in your town to see if they have any recommendations on a brand. The reason why we’re saying this is because steamers are created differently. They’re made to cater to different carpet fibers so some might work better on your neighbor’s home instead of yours. For every steamer, it all comes down to soil removal, fiber surface retention, and water removal. You want the best one that is best suited for your carpet to maintain its integrity.

Go With the Timing

If you decide to do carpet cleaning on your own, we suggest to do it around the afternoon when it’s warm. At times when the sun is high, drying tends to be a lot faster. While leaving it wet overnight is okay, we suggest getting it dry as soon as possible. You might also consider a time when it’s low humid to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Choose the Right Solutions

Just like the steamer, you want the perfect combination of solution for your carpet. When you select the best one, it helps keep your carpet looking nice and fresh. Look for a solution with less than ten pH, so your carpet maintains its quality and color.