Things Not to do When Spring Cleaning

Image of a clean living room

As our least favorite things about winter are finally fading away, hopefully you are someone who is susceptible to being courted by the signs of spring. We want to linger outside a little longer; maybe walk to the neighborhood store instead of drive. The really hardcore season change enthusiasts might be excited go up to their attic and pull out large square tubs labeled “Spring & Summer Wardrobe”. The rest of us roll our eyes but secretly appreciate the smell of those little cedarwood balls used to protect clothing (well, hopefully they use the cedarwood ones). I’m projecting my own jealousy towards the well-organized there, but spring does bring about a “changing of the guard” if you will, to some extent in most households. Now that we have opened the windows to let out that winter air, we may start to look around and say “you know what, it’s time to clean this place”.
There is a saying that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and while that is not what everyone has to believe, good intentions gone wrong almost always have consequences. Apply good intentions successfully towards spring cleaning by knowing also what not to do as you don your gloves and tie an apron for the big clean.

The Don’ts of Spring Cleaning:

  1. Avoid cutting corners. Perhaps this is a big project that some trustworthy friends can help with. Judge-Free Zone
  2. Hazmat: Read cleaning chemical labels and make sure you are not mixing anything that should not mix or exposing yourself to chemicals that require protection and may cause harm. Secure any chemicals while cleaning; if you have children, pets, or someone in the home that may not be aware of the danger, it’s a great idea not to leave cleaning products unattended.
  3. Don’t skip the air filter: Air quality is a must for a safe breathable living space.
  4. Don’t be too proud to consider a professional. Adulting is a full-time gig and if cleaning is overwhelming, it still has to get done somehow. Call in the experts.
  5. Avoid window streaks by cleaning the windows on a more overcast or cloudy day.
  6. Another note about cleaning products: avoid using more than the amount recommended for any cleaning products, for both safety and effectiveness.
    Last but not least, consider transitioning from one big event known as “Spring Cleaning” to a regular weekly and quarterly cleaning calendar. When we clean on a schedule, the need to commit to a weekend house-cleaning overhaul fades away just as winter did.