Three Ways to Organize Your Tools at Home

Tools in the garage

Whether you place your tools in a craft room, garage, or a shed outside, an organized home is imperative. Organization saves time from rummaging through your house if you’re in need of a special tool. For example, a hammer is usually found in the garage, but without a sense of organization, you might not have a designated area for it. This drives you to purchase a duplicate which is not cost-effective at all.

The organization of tools is very similar to kitchen organization. You want easy access to every tool in case you ever need them. The following are some ways you can declutter and find the right area of your materials.

Always Put Organization First

The idea is to commit yourself to being organized meaning you understand where everything is — or at least a general area of it. Put the things you generally use at the front where you can easily grab them and go. One way to accomplish this is by placing larger tools on a pegboard! Some people call this their Wall Control Unit.

Declutter and Clean

Do this every week, month, quarterly, or every year. But make sure you allot some time to clean and declutter. The more you do this, the less work you have to do over time! Empty instruction booklets, toss trash, lone washers, and nails, and toss bottles of glues. You’re the only one who really understands what you need for your home, so make sure to accommodate to your preference.

Logically Organize Your Tools

When you assign a place for your tools, you want to make sure that it’s functional. Are your tools better off on the wall or the drawer? If so, which ones need to stay and go?

Create a layout that works for your home. The best tools are found in the easy-to-reach places.