Two Ways to Let Go of Junk at Home

image of junk on the table

We’re pretty sure you have a junk drawer at home. Whether it’s in the basement, garage, attic, closets, etc. By definition, this is discarded articles that you’ve deemed little value or useless. Do you have junk at home? You probably do, and we are here to put an end to it.

Say Goodbye to Trash

Let’s talk about regifting, recycling, and other ways to let go of junk. But before we do so, contact your trash collection provider to see how much trash you can leave at the curb before you’re charged with extra fees.

Plan around the time your trash is collected so you can strategically get rid of unwanted items. Go through your basement, garage, and junk drawers. Ditch worn, broken, frayed toys, pet supplies, dishes, gardening equipment and more. Don’t over-think and agonize over them; just do it! If you happen to accumulate more trash than your curb can take, try renting a dumpster.

Recycle Your Items

We’re not just talking about plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and glasses. You can take some of your household items, and bring them to the right company. For instance:

  • Batteries to hardware stores
  • Brita filters and bottle corks can be taken to Whole Foods Market
  • Plastic gardening trays and pots can be taken to your local nursery or Lowes
  • Computers and other accessories to Goodwill

If you’re one of those people who can’t let go of their things easily, give them to friends and relatives instead. Don’t wait until their birthday. Chances are they might need exactly what you’re about to discard.

As the saying goes, “another person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” So if you no longer need them, find someone who can benefit from them instead!